Friday, March 27, 2009


Sebentar tadi DATO SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM telah mengadakan pertemuan bersama sebahagian mangsa tahanan TRAGEDI TAMAN RIA JAYA PADA 23 HB 2009.Sebahagian yang hadir menceritakan detik-detik mereka di tahan.Terdapat seorang remaja india mendakwa beliau di tahan ketika berada di dalam kedai CYBER CAFE yang berhampiran tempat berlangsungnya ceramah.Mangsa bernama NAVINDRAN A/L KRISNAMURTI berumur 17 tahun.Beliau menegaskan bahawa,beliau tidak hadir ke ceramah tersebut.Sejurus selepas itu NAVINDRAN di tahan bersama 31 yang lain dan di bebaskan pada jam 7.30 pagi.
DATO' SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM sempat mendengar luahan sebilangan mangsa yang di tahan pada malam tersebut.DATO'SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM terpaksa bergegas ke BUKIT GANTANG ada program menanti di sana


  1. nasihat saya kepada pembaca budiman. pergilah cyber-cafe tersebut dan minta rakan saya pratonton rakaman cctv menunjukan bila, bagaimana dan kenapa navindran ditangkap.

  2. Today(27th March) will mark Najib’s 1st speech as UMNO president, as we all know the president of UMNO is automatically the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In most blogs today, everyone is asking the question- what can we expect from our new leader? Will he save the country from the economic cancer that is sweeping the world? Will he be able to unite a divided Malaysia and most importantly make UMNO relevant again? As the PR is also quiet and subdue this past couple of days, the rakyat is asking what will become of us? Constant surfing to BRB(Barisan Rakyat Bloggers) has also the same comment, all is quiet.. the lull before the storm perhaps?

    From Najib, I think that we can expect the same that we have seen in the past months. The Perak hostile take over is of course master minded by Najib and his dream team, thinking that they have already won, they never expected PR and the rakyat to put up to such a fight but the funny thing is that as I look at the UMNO assembly, everyone is there and if you look at the news it is all the same, ignoring the fact – PERAK HAS 2 MB AND 2 EXCO. Yet we go on living day in and day out, biatch about UMNO and BN and cheer for PR, light a candle for RPK and post venom post and comments on Malaysia today and Malaysiakini, is that the best? The question I am asking does the Sultan of Perak reads newspaper?as a the Sultan does he even know or care for his rakyat? These days even I do the same, although day in and day out I keep thinking what can I do to make difference, we need Willam Wallance (The hero of Scotland) or other folk heroes, those who have fought for FREEDOM. Yes freedom, although we (Malaysian’s) would never admit it but it is true, we have lost our freedom but yet we do not do anything about it, we watch movies such as Braveheart, Spartan and other of those fight for freedom movies and think to ourselves, “I wish I was there, then I would go and do something about it” but in reality WE ARE ALREADY THERE but are we doing anything about it? What was the straw the broke the camel
    S back the lead to the revolution in Thailand, Philipines and Indonesia? How much would Malaysia swallow till we explode? Nah,its safer to sit back read a blog and post a comment or two while the writers get hauled off to prison and lose their income, what do we do?what do we risk? Nothing. Nothing risk nothing gain as they say. As the 3 by elections draws near, being in one of the areas involved, I can see things up close but in the previous by elections- Terengganu, Permatang Pauh, the bulk of us would log in by the hour to follow the latest development, unbiased news provided by the BRB and others. Have we ever thought the sacrifice that this heroic people are doing on our behalf? We say and talk a mean deal but lets ponder about this for a while, these ordinary people have taken the extra step, apply leave from their jobs or business, leave their family behind,spend the funds to go to these places to cover the election, while once the caring government comes to know of them, they will be blacklisted, business will be raided more often, they might even lose their jobs and most of us forget that THIS PEOPLE ARE LIKE YOU AND ME. They are not from any political party, they are not from any media mainstream or alternative media, I mean for Malaysiakini is a paid website news portal so I guess its ok but people like Harris, RPK and others, they are ordinary joes like u and I, of course some of our PR people started that way but I just wanted to write a piece about the unsung heroes (ya ya blame it on pak lah) but the truth is that, why cant someone take the lead and organize this, maybe setup an NGO so that we can have and provide a platform for this unsung heroes as they fight for a better country and mind you they are fighting in a country that you and I live in. Our children will grow up and who will their future be? Therefore, lets take some decisive action, lets set up an NGO, so that we can support our brothers and sisters, those that are the frontlines warriors.

    What can we expect from the new UMNO line-up? well in my view, it would be about the same stuff. I mean Najib was acting PM for so long and Muyiddin is the trade minister, both of them are responsible for the current stupor of our economy, many say that they were distracted as the UMNO elections were round the corner but now that its over, they will get down to business. Come on wake up and smell the coffee, the world does not wait for us, and as a result of the UMNO election we lost Shahrir, I think he has done a good job in trying to make sense of the domestic issues and helped lessen the burden of the common man. We need to grasp what is going on and see the picture as it is, they (BN) wants to control the government by any means necessary because as the world suffers from economy meltdown, it would be better for them to hold the cheque books, and ensure that their family (extended, close and second ones) are secure and have a future, so they can spend 60B anyway they want, if we had done a good job on Khazanah or Value Cap we wont be facing this problem now. PR is running scared at the moment, the Perak takeover has slapped them in their face, they seem to have forgotten UMNO’s has a long memory and a great appetite for revenge. Looking at the March 8 elections, UMNO and BN took a severe beating, did they (PR) think that BN would be quiet? Anwar should have seen it coming a mile away, with the liwat charge, bribe charge, party hopping and what not, BN is coming at full force, with the UMNO elections over. One can expect a more direct and dirtier fight to come, we all have seen the teaser’s – The crackdown on Keadillan and Harakah, the sublte warning to the online webportals (if they cant see the hidden message..i dunno already la), the attack on PR and the police brutality in Bukit Selambau, that is just the tip of the iceberg, I was there that night in Taman Ria, the police open fire with the water cannons and tear gas WITHOUT warning or reason, many innocent people were hit, my neighbor’s daughter had rashes for the past week due to being sprayed by the water cannon as she was coming down from her tuisyen center. If this was USA or UK, the police chief head would roll, the public would demand nothing less, but in Malaysia? All we do is “tsk tsk poor thing those people in Sungai Petani, lets write some nasty comments on Malaysiakini and Malaysiatoday, heck least we doing something.” The harder times are coming folks, make plans and be prepared, in a nutshell:
    • The world economy is going down the tubes, all the super powers are having hard times to prep their country while we do nothing and pretend that all is ok. Kelapa Sawit planters are fishing in padi fields and rivers for meals as they cannot afford to buy fish.
    • The politic stabilization of Malaysia is NIL- investors are running away while we fight among ourselves, our monarchy, who are there to protect the rakyat has been tamed and subdued while the government can do whatever they want
    • The PR is under massive attack and unable to counter an attack- clearly a show of weakness of capable pool of people
    • The new UMNO team will further be stretched, in these trying times (I realy hate to say this) but we are missing veteran leaders, who have steered the country during the last global financial crisis, Dr.M, Rafidah, JJ and others are all out even in BN, Ong Ka Ting, Lee Liong Seik is gone, only old cows like Samy vellu is still around, I mean he can’t even build a solid flyover (MRR2 Fiasco) in all his years and still he is there.
    • Rakyat Malaysia is angry, we are fed-up but we cannot or will not do anything, all of the world greatest heroes are ordinary people, they were not children of Prime Ministers or Minister but normal people who one day got fed up and got up and lead a revolution. For us the least we can do is do something for our brothers and sisters fighting the war in the frontline, this I mean does that they are reporting the news back to us.

    This as I said is just the tip of the iceberg, I mean 14 canidates for Bukit Selambau, OMG, we all know who paid them and why they are there, Hindraf making waves about they didn’t get a choice, sigh, as RPK said maybe they should go join BN as they sound alike. All for one and One for all, Nizar is fighting in Bukit Gantang, why DAP or PKR is not throwing tantrum? Why Hindraf didn’t ask for a rep there? Just because the last ADUN in Bukit Selambau was Indian then automatically Hindraf also wants to say something? Come on man, look la at the bigger picture here. We need to take over the government (legally la) so that HIndraf can be legal again, I mean already we have an elected lawmaker in ISA while his wife is doing his job and yet no one or any rakyat complain so Hindraf please take a chill pill and look at the bigger picture here. Its not about wheater Hindraf or Indians are represented in the ADUN its about making a change, making sure all of us, Malay, Indian, Chinese and others are represented and represented well. Not only in ADUN but in the government, where it all counts, how many children can we send to school for better education or how many lives could we saved if we bought and paid for the treatment for low income people with the commission of the submarine deal? That is just a one example. This is what I want to see, not 60B to be passed to Kahazanah so that it can bail out other companies, HECK! Ask pemekar to give back the commission to the rakyat, sent up a free cancer treatment month for as many cancer patients as long as the money last (its RM10k per treatment) this are the simplest thing.

    Therefore, I hope we can look forward to a brighter future, if we unite and make a stand, Gandhi is long gone, Tunku is also long gone, its time to look within ourselves and do something about it, take back our freedom, take back our right then we talk about ketuanan or social contract, now we don’t even have Freedom of Speech, all our children are forced to go to government doctorine camps, we cant even read the right news truthfully as the media is biased, we get tear gassed and water sprayed for NO BLOODY reason apart from coming to see Anwar Ibrahim. Yet we just stay calm, the stupid 13 independents spend RM5k each to be in an election they KNOW they will lose, if they had used the money to setup a fund to help PR to match BN campaign then we would be doing some positive action. I mean heck, they can sponsor 1 day at 1 cyber café so that people can access the real news and read the real issues, not stupid made up stuff. How can we be so stupid to believe that Theresa was taken to ISA for her safetly (Thank Sy.Ahbar for the joke of the year) or that Mainstream webportals aren’t allowed to cover the UMNO election (although they were given passes) due to the small space constraint in PWTC? (KJ quote of the week) UMNO has no space to cover 6 media team, which they had earlier issued passes?these are people that we entrust to run the country and they can’t even plan the media in their own assembly? Ya Allah save us then. For the brave unsung heroes of the BRB (Barisan Rakyat Bloggers) I have spoken to Mr.Shan and Mr.Pathma and they know how to get a hold of me but if your in Sungai Petani then let me the first to start the ball rolling in this active plan, email me (if you cant contact Mr.Harris or Mr.Pathma) I offer you my house should you need to rest and stay and have some home cook meal as you break from you task. Anything within my power that I can help insyallah I will. Email me at Where is William Wallance when you need him..