Saturday, February 14, 2009

UPDATE4 April 7 by-election dates for Bt Gantang, Bt Selambau

In Bukit Selambau, the Pakatan is likely to showcase a KeADILan candidate, mostly likely a prominent Indian well-respected by the community, although there are also calls for a local candidate regardless of ethnicity to be given priority.
Names that have been touted include RS Thanenthiran, the 45-year old national co-ordinator for the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force movement. More recently, another Hindraf leader - the 35-year old P Vasanthakumar currently under ISA detention - has been mentioned.
Vansantha was born and bred in Bedong, close to Bukit Selembau, making him a potential candidate if it becomes apparent that his popularity can override the disadvantage of him being in detention in faraway Kamunting, Perak.
However, given the massive lobbying that has ensued for the seat, including from amongst Pakatan members DAP and PAS, a decision is only likely after extensive discussion by the coalition’s top leadership.
The DAP has three Chinese and two Indian candidates on its shortlist, while PAS wants to field a member of its supporters’ club..Said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim: “There have been appeals by allied parties and demands for a candidate that is Malay, Hindraf, party veteran and other criteria. Bu the latest events should be used as a lesson. The party struggle cannot be compromised over narrow agenda.”
For the BN, its Indian component party MIC has already sounded out its stake on the seat, although Umno is also keen on putting in a Malay candidate.
Said S Subramaniam: “We will claim our rights. It has been a tradition that the seat is allocated to MIC and it will remain as such. Any change is not good for the ties within Barisan. We face problems like this every time there is an election. People start asking for seats.”
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